Meet The Founder

Motivated to “encourage people who desire positive change,” Latonya’s objective is to help people save their own lives. She believes that we are at our best when we embrace a positive Perspective, recognize our Power, and live in our Purpose.

Latonya earned both a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Higher Education from Michigan State University. These educational achievements prepared her to pursue her varied interests, which are all aligned with her passion for serving others. She is an author, an entrepreneur, a mentor and a motivational speaker.

In 2010, she founded The Imagine Mentoring Program of Michigan. This non-profit works to increase self-esteem in young people and equip them with the tools they need to make a positive impact in their communities. Her experiences as a mentor and life coach led her to write two inspirational books, with more in development. Ms. Garth is also the owner of a multi-purpose event venue. When not in use by clients, she opens the space to host mentoring sessions, community programs and to serve as a small business incubator. Leveraging her experience as a business owner, she advises other entrepreneurs looking to take their companies to the next level. Latonya leverages her many relationships in the areas of business, education, and community development to improve the lives of others.

As a motivational speaker, her blend of positivity, power and sincerity is unmatched. Whether an audience of ten or ten thousand, Latonya can be counted on to hold their attention and make an impression. She leaves the room buzzing, and there is often a line of people waiting to speak to her when she exits the stage. Latonya brings that same energy to her corporate training engagements. Her clients appreciate her efficient, accessible style. In addition to the skills outlined above, Ms. Garth also has experience in branding, marketing and event planning.

“It was I.M.A.G.I.N.E. that pushed me into motivational speaking and put me on platforms to empower people in various places. This program has impacted many people… Especially me and I am committed to the mission.”

-Latonya L. Garth, Founder

Our Leaders

Nicole Valentini, Development Director

Dedicated to “empowering and serving communities on behalf of the greater good,” Nicole’s passion is community service and advocacy. With her Bachelors of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology from Bowling Green State University and her Master of Social Work Degree from Wayne State University, Nicole has committed both her professional and personal life to support and empower underserved communities. Through fundraising, development, direct service, and programming, Nicole has helped individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations scale-up approaches to positively impact their communities. She believes faith, empathy, and emotional intelligence are key ingredients in making effective change.

Orma C. Smith, Executive Secretary

Orma C. Smith is a licensed mental health and school counselor. She is the founder of Orma Smith Consulting, LLC and provides consultation in the areas of mental and behavioral health. She works as a therapist and helps her clients learn how to live healthier lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Orma received her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration with a minor in English from Kalamazoo College and a master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Detroit Mercy.

Iyesha Weaver, Treasurer

Dedicated to positively impacting the lives of individuals through mentoring. Committed to improving health and quality of life through her expertise as a health coach, fitness trainer and licensed massage therapist.  Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University and later attended Central Michigan University to obtain a Master of Arts along with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT).