The mission of the IMAGINE Mentoring Program is to teach young women who have experienced trauma to imagine the power of their potential, increase their self-esteem through self-awareness, and encourage them to pursue their dreams in spite of the obstacles they face in their lives. 

Our vision is to position the IMAGINE Mentoring Program as a global initiative that meets the needs of young women around the world who desire change, by providing impactful programming, mentoring, education, and empowerment.

The IMAGINE Mentoring program began as an opportunity for the Founder, Latonya Garth to share her love and experience with those who need it most. After suffering through several life altering situations, she realized that the best way to heal her emotional wounds, was to help someone else heal theirs. 

She was convinced that there was a need for her program while working with girls at The Detroit Job Corps Center. She envisioned a program that would transform the lives of young ladies dealing with the same issues she had overcome. She thought, “Yes, these ladies are here to get the certifications and diplomas that they need to get a job, but what about their hearts…what about their minds?” She wanted to provide them with a new perspective and outlook that would lead to self-awareness, inspire them to set goals and show them how to design pathways to success. This would not only change their lives, but also have a positive impact on their families and communities. This was Ms. Garth’s dream, and with the help of several like-minded individuals, the IMAGINE Mentoring Program has been empowering young ladies since 2010. We are also proud to say that we have been able to prepare our mentees for life after high school, through our work force development and job readiness initiatives.

“It is important to have a support system; it just makes life so much easier,” says Garth. The IMAGINE Mentoring Program has partnered with several organizations over the years, including the Detroit Police, I AM A Priority Women’s Organization, Alternatives for Girls, Wayne County Community College-Eastern District, Monroe County Opportunity Program, National Heritage Academies, City of Detroit Media Services, United Way of Southeastern Michigan, Detroit Public Schools Community District, Triumph Church and Comerica Bank. These partners, along with an impressive list of individuals, have helped to break the barriers of low self- esteem and empower young ladies to be better for themselves and their communities.

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