Upcoming Events

3rd Annual Wonder Woman Conference - March 9, 2024

Get ready for the 3rd Annual Wonder Woman Wellness Conference! Click here to learn more and secure your spot!

Past Events

IMAGINE Holiday Giveback Tour

IMAGINE Young Authors Camp 2023

IMAGINE Kids Fitness Camp 2023

IMAGINE Summer 2023 Kidprenuer Camp

IMAGINE Get Your Mind Right Summit

IMAGINE 2nd Annual Wonder Woman Wellness Conference​

IMAGINE Light, Energy & Motion: Empowering The Next Generation Of Leaders

IMAGINE 12 for 12 Holiday Gift Wrapping Party

IMAGINE Mommy & Me Vision Board Party​

IMAGINE 1st Annual Get Your Mind Right Summit​

IMAGINE Princess Mentoring Program

IMAGINE Summer Kidpreneur Camp​

IMAGINE Video Project

IMAGINE Regent Park Parent Meetings

IMAGINE Impact Leadership Program

“IMAGINE Your Future” Cristo Rey Vision Board Project

The Wonder Woman Wellness Conference​

IMAGINE 11 for 11 Holiday Giveback​

IMAGINE Literacy Matters Authors Camp​

IMAGINE “Keep Going” Summer Camp Completion Ceremony

IMAGINE “Keep Going” 1 Week Summer Camp​

IMAGINE Mentoring Women’s Empowerment Conference​

Weekly Mentoring Sessions for Young Ladies​

IMAGINE 2021 Commencement Ceremony​

IMAGINE celebrated the 1st 2021 cohort of girls in Monroe county.

IMAGINE/ I Am A Priority “Just Be Yourself” Virtual Conference for Girls (11-18)