Relationship building is one of the most important components of the I.M.A.G.I.N.E mentoring program. In order for a sisterhood to be formed; trust must be established amongst the group. What is your definition of trust? How can you be trusted as a participant in the I.M.A.G.I.N.E program? This essay should be at the minimum two paragraphs…

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  • Brianna Stephen

    TRUST,Trust to me is Important.It is a very STRONG word.Most people don’t honestly understand what it means.Trust is misused everyday.Trust is a very much so transparent communication that forms a foundation on building relationships.Everyday trust is being used whether is its just holding a converstation with someone or something.Most people base their trust off of character or actions,when its suppose to be earned and given over time.

    Trust to me is also good for your mind. It gives you time to think and clear your head. I say that because,u may have 20 friends and say u start thinkng who can i trust,I guaranteed that by time you get done thinking you would end up with 1 or 2 friends that you know you can trust.I myself use the trust word loosely.Now i realized who my friends are today and who can i trust by freeing my mind to think and lighten up on the word TRUST.Trust should be a very important word to everybody because it comes in different ways.Trust comes with hurt and sadness,or it can come with happiness if you have good and loyal friends.

  • Angel Reels

    Trust to me is being able to rely on someone such as your friend, a family member, your spouse. Without trust you have nothing you should be able to tell your friend anything and she don’t repeat anything that you and her talked about. but in order to trust others first you have to learn to trust yourself.

  • Barber JR

    What is Trust?
    Trust is your word and how u act to earn as a person of well being……Trust is your friend let u use their car or let u borrow money and knowing that u are going to give it back……Trust is when your boss give you a big task and he or she knows that the job is going to get done……When a another humanbeing can come and confined in you with their personal information..That is trust……But as trust can be giving it can easily be tooking away….Trust is a big issue it can go a long way……..it is something that I want more in my life……Trust is a state of mind…..A thought process……..You have to pracitce trust and also think trust…….What do u think trust is?

    • This is good Barber JR but I need another paragraph and then I will answer your question….LOL Get to writing….

  • Social Worker Kea

    What Is Trust? Trust to me mean’s When you can tell a person anything, Never have to worry about them telling anybody anything. A person I can trust will care about my best interest , listnen to me,dont judge me but at the same time tell me what they think is best. I know im trust worthy because Anybody can tell me anything and I will never tell anyone what they told me,I will never Judge them just do what I can do to help them.

    Confidentality Means You cant tell anyone anything no matter what and if you do it’ll be problems. Confidential means if I tell you this You really cant tell anybody No matter how mad you get, No matter Who you think you can trust with the info. Its CRITICAL that you keep confidential things confidential!

  • Trust is what you need to have, something you need and have to build you cant just meet someone and build trust you will always have to figure and find someone out a friendship,relationship everything you do is build on trust for example when somone ask you to do something or go to the store watch thier chrilden get something out of there purse can you be trusted. When a family member or friend comes over your house do you have to hide all of your items or could you leave it out take a shower and come back and your things there that is beyond trust.

  • B

    Wow trust i mean its a big thing in this world, to everyone family,friends,lovers.I feel like if you dont have trust you dont have nothing with no one, or if you dont trust yourself how can you trust someone else and personally thats the key to everything trusting yourself because if you cant trust yourself than what makes you think your going to be able to accomplish anything in life without your own trust.

    My thing is i make mistakes alot i will admit but once i make it i correct it.well its really not that easy i sometimes cant trust myself which really doesnt help any of my relationships but than again there is apart of me that trusts myself way to much than i give people alot of trust i start trusting the world which is not a good thing because people will snitch on you or tell your buisness but will stll be in your face.lately all i’ve been learning about trust is trust yourself to me nothing else matters maybe one or two people in the world you can confide in but other than that i believe trust no one you give them that upper hand and they take advantage. Trust is special being able to talk to people about your personal things basically vent to people listening to others problems keeping your mouth shut trust leads to comfort,reliable,care,sad,mad,happy i dont know trust is one of the biggest obstacles in life im still working on it……

  • Kierria Sholar

    Trust to me is also a strong word that you can not give everybody. It means to me that you feel comfortable enough with this person and allow him or her to get close to you and you start to share more then just personal information with he or she. Its like you feel as if this person is in your best interest and he or she wont go aroud talking about you ordowning you base on any decision,o of a bond between you to.I think its a responsibilty that is earn.

  • Kierria Sholar

    Trust to me is also a strong 5 letter word that you can not give to everybody. It means to me that you feel comfortable enough with this person and allow him or her to get close with you and you start to share more then just personal information with this person. Its like you feel as if this person is in your best interest and he or she will not go around talking about you or talking down on you base on any decision that you make. I think trust is more so of a bond between you and another person. I think its a big responsibilty that people should be earned with not just granted with because he or she say they are trust worthy.

  • Keiavaunte Burden

    When I think about the word trust, I think about reliance, integrity, Confident, responsibility, and care. Some of my favorite quotes are “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” and “Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong. With trust, words become life itself.”

  • Ma Reesha

    TRUST… trust to me is being able to be away from someone and they will still be the same person. you must have trust in order to have a good friendship with anyone. trust is somethin that you also earn its not jus givin to you i should be able to trust my friend that i talk to about everything with and not worry about him /her saying anything to anyone else. trust is something that is really hard to come by now a days because people lack trust

  • Denisha Williams

    What is trust? Trust is were you can believe in a person you can tell your almighty secrets to. Believeing in someone can be trust. To know someone is going to do the right thing when no one is around. Say if my bestfriend(Mareesha) had to ask me a question and she wanted my honest opinion she should be able to trust that I will give her an honest opinion weather its good or bad.
    Trust matters were ever you go. In a relationship in a friendship. If you don’t have trust you have nothing to base your relationship on. Cause what kind of friend is your friend if you can’t trust them. There not one at all. Trust to me matters in alot of different ways. In order for me to put my trust in you I feel like I have to be trusted.

  • Keiavaunte Burden

    When I think about the word TRUST, I think about reliance, integrity, Confident, responsibility, and care. Some of my favorite quotes are “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t TRUST me so much.” and “Without TRUST, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong. With TRUST, words become life itself.” i belive you should TRUST evrey one until they give you a reasion not to.

    Trust is big. If you loose the trust of someone u dont look at them the same.TRUST also plays a factor in alot of other stuff too. like what if your bestfriend that just got out of jail for breaking a entry ask can he move in with you? you say yes. Later he ask’s for a key to the house. You wanna say yes cause you dnt want to make him upset. At the same time he just got out of jail.so you simply sate that you dont TRUST him enough yet to give him a key. TRUST is a big part of life. TRUST me and in return i’ll TRUST you!

  • what is trust trust to me means to be able to keep things to yourself.this is important when your in a group setting. because when your in a group setting everything you talk about should stay within that group. if what you talk about gets around to everyone else thats when all trust is broken.i feel that trust should never be broken. if you cant have trust then you have nothing.its hard to trust again once that trust is broken.its hard to trust period when you feel like you cant tell people whats on your mind thinking that might tell someone.thats why you have to be careful who you tell stuff to because you never know if you can trust them or not.you should be able to tust your peers hoping they want say anything but if they break that trust then you know there untrustworthy.

    • Mr 1992

      i believe trust is important but everyone doesn’t deserve your trust trusting someone should depend on their actions over time and you should be able to trust in people like your family, your spouse, or your friends but your trust has to come from your judge of their character

  • Sargent C. Brown


    Trust is transparent communication forms a foundation for building relationships. A sense of safety and a comfort level with interpersonal interaction pervades a worklace that has developed a culture of trust. Trust is made up of your perception of your ability and the ability of others with whom you work to perform competently at whatever is needed in your current situation. When trust exists in an organization or in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve.


    Trust to me means being able to give your all to someone and never being let down, critizied, or jugded about your being. Loyalty is also a part of trust because if you aren’t loyal to that person, how are they supposed to trust you. Many other things come to mind when I hear trust but the key thing to me is respect, if you dont have respect from a person how can u trust them. Support is also a part of trust, the reason I say that is because if I cant get the support and good reasoning from a person and be able to accept their good criticism.


    Confidentiality is the state of being a secret. Meaning keeping the situtation or convversation to yourself. No one else should know about what is being or has been decussed. Also having control over the extent, timing, and circumstances of sharing oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others. Confidentiality pertains to the treatment of information that an individual has disclosed in a relationship of trust and with the expectation that it will not be divulged to others without permission in ways that are inconsistent with the understanding of the original disclosure.

  • i think trust is something you can tell someone anything too and they will not tell a soul.i would say i trust my mother and myself. it is something you can hold and take with a special person in your life .like a diary it is something you can depend on a word that is kept.
    Trust is believe.Belive in the source it willl not say anything ive trusted my sisters, my, cousins,and family they are there when i cant run to tell anyone else either because of the way i was feeling or whatever.There is a sayin trust noone they will always take it away. i believe it is hard for someone to trust one another.especially friends.trust you can build but when the damn breaks it breaks.

  • What is Trust?

    Trust to me is a power thing and is a powerful word.Trust is also in your heart.Trust is almostlike love and know that your mate ,friends, and family memebers that you can trust. Trust comes in many different ways.I ask a question in the first paragraph (what do you think trust is?). Well it is giving without people knowing. trust is a invisible thing that u have to build up. Like stacking your money.lol Just like you trust the bank with you money.So back to my question.(What do you think trust is?).

  • Shayla blair

    What is Trust? Trust is something that you have to earn its not just given. I do know that you have to trust yourself before you can give your trust to someone else. Now days people like to take advantage of people by telling them what they want to hear,so you have to pick and choose what you want to believe. I also feel that if you don’t want your busy to be put out their you need to choose carefully who you are telling your business to, and what you are telling them. When you are working with trust it makes you think, to use your mind. I say that because you really have to think about who and why you feel like you can or cannot trust them.
    Trust is a HUGE part of being in I.M.A.G.I.N.E , because if we cant trust each other then why have a sisterhood, we are here to help each other grow, not spreed the other girls business. In order for us to grow each girl needs to feel that she can at least say something that is gonna stay in the room.
    What is Confidentiality? Confidentiality is meant to be kept between two people. People should not go around and tell other peoples business, knowing that its confidential and that they would not want that to happen to them. I feel that when someone tells you something that it is automatically implied that it is meant to be kept a secret. The world would be a bit crazy if we didn’t have confidentiality because a lot of things are meant to be confidential like doctor and patient confidentiality. Doctors by law are not allowed to discuss their patients records with any one but the patient.

    Being in I.M.A.G.I.N.E has taught me that sharing somethings are ok, but somethings are also meant to be kept to your self, This sisterhood is where we need to be able to share somethings and NOT worry about who else is gonna find out.

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